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Your purchase is not a donation and is not tax-deductible as a donation.

All sales are final within five (5) days of delivery or upon damage while in your possession, whichever comes first.  If you would like to return your purchase, please contact us by email within five (5) calendar days of delivery in order to receive a return authorization.  Unauthorized returns will not be accepted or credited.  Shipping charges are nonrefundable. It is your responsibility to insure the return shipment for the value of the artwork. If you live outside of the US, you are responsible for making sure that your order can be imported legally to the destination country.  Customs fees might be collected by the country where your order is delivered. Payment of customs duties is the sole responsibility of the recipient. 

Please allow approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery of your print order.  If you do not receive your shipment, please email us.  Prints will be carefully packed and rolled inside hard tubes.  Use care when unpacking your print.  If you provide an incorrect address and the package is returned to sender, you will be responsible for additional shipping charges.  If the artwork has been damaged in transit, please email us digital photos of the damaged packaging and damaged artwork.  In some cases, damaged artwork will have to be returned.

For optimum lifespan of archival prints, display each print under UV glass in an archival, acid-free frame.  Other storage methods could damage the print over time.  Additional factors affecting print stability include display conditions, light intensity, humidity, atmospheric conditions, etc. 

After December 17, 2012, the artworks featured in the exhibition will no longer be available for sale as part of The Artist Relief Project. If you are interested in purchasing an artwork from the exhibition after December 17, 2012, please email us.  We will be happy to inquire about the artwork to see if the artist would be willing to donate 50% of the net proceeds to New York Foundation for the Arts Emergency Relief Fund (in the spirit of The Artist Relief Project).  If such a transaction were to occur, The Artist Relief Project would not be a party to the transaction.  The Artist Relief Project and Arielle Sandler are not liable for any loss, damage, theft, fraud and/or disputes resulting from interactions (including transactions) between buyers and the sellers (i.e. artists) appearing on this website.

The Artist Relief Project does not guarantee the availability of artwork featured on the website.  Occasionally, an artwork might appear to be available when it is not.  The Artist Relief Project will update the status of sold artworks only after the artist contacts The Artist Relief Project to update the artwork's status. 

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